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Grading Saturday 21st June - Photos & News

Congratulations to everyone that Graded Saturday 21st, the grading was at a very high standard and this is due to all the hard work that each and every student had put in for the term. Term 2 will be wrapping up Thursday 26th June, with Term 3 commencing Monday 14th July.

Welcome to Revolution Taekwondo located in Bentleigh East

A Message From the Club

For those who are thinking of starting to experience martial arts, or are just looking for a sport that promotes fitness, co-ordination and fun – Revolution Taekwondo is the answer. We understand it’s tough to walk into a club, but be brave, we will do our best to make you feel welcome, and get you underway. To see what we get up to at training why not have a look at the Gallery – Photos, and Gallery – Videos. Hope to see you soon.


Whats Going on At Revolution:-

Watch Isi breaking boards for her 2nd Dan: Here

To download or view the information for the Vic State Selection Pack click: Here

For the official Poomsae results from the Clair Burai Memorial Championship click Here

For the official Sparing results from the Clair Burai Memorial Championship click Here

The Clair Burai Memorial Championship Photos are in the Gallery


Revolution's Instructors :
At the heart of Revolution are its instructors who are all Kukkiwon Registered:

  •   Ray Povh 6th Dan (Head Instructor)
  •   Nicole Hyun 5th Dan
  •   George Mitzeliotis 3rd Dan
  •   and a team of Black belts to assist you in attaining your full potential.

  All junior classes are run by at least two senior instructors, ensuring every child will get one on one time and wont be lost in a group.


What is Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art, it combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. Gyeorugi – a type of sparring,  has been an Olympic sport since 2000. Sport taekwondo has developed since the 1950s and may have a somewhat different focus, especially in terms of its emphasis on speed and competition (as in Olympic sparring). Sport taekwondo is in turn subdivided into two main styles. One style is practiced by International Taekwon-Do adherents and was created in 1955 by Choi Hong Hi. The other style derives from Kukkiwon, the source of the sparring system sihap gyeorugi. This style is now an event at the summer Olympic Games and is governed by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) is the traditional center for WTF taekwondo and was founded in 1973 by Dr. Kim Un Yong.   More in-depth history of the sport can be found here

About Revolution Taekwondo

Our philosophy is to teach you the correct way in a fun environment. Learning Martial Arts is not about “learning to fight”, it’s so much more, it is about learning about your body, how to move, your posture, and pushing your fitness levels to new heights within a controlled environment with plenty of support.

Taekwondo has a positive impact on your self confidence levels, which will assist you in so many ways in your personal and professional life, and provide you a structured frame work for all levels of fitness to get you to where you want or need to be.

To view our fees click here

We have classes running 5 days a week, the time table can be viewed here, so you can train on the days that best suit you. 

© Revolution Taekwondo
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